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What Our Members Are Saying

I have used the Smartercard book over the last 3 years and saved massive amounts of money. The eclectic mix of venues in the book will appeal to every circumstance, from a business lunch, to a romantic meal for two or a celebratory family meal.

Will Pretty Palladian Press Limited. Member since Jul 2008 ID.3964/1370

I've been a member of SmarterCard since April 2010 and often use my membership and enjoy the savings and new places to dine out especially when its half price. Its great for business use as well as family and dining with friends. My Wife uses it at least twice a month when lunching with friends. Membership is great value for money. If you eat out in Colchester well worth joining.

Marc Samuel SVC Recruitment. Member Since Apr 2010. ID 3964/2360

This is my 3rd year of membership with Steve's Smartercard book and I have saved a small fortune in that time. Colchester Connected regularly features Steve at it's events as we feel it gives extra value to our attendees. I would recommend Steve and the Smartercard membership to anyone who enjoys eating out in quality restaurants and saving money at the same time.

Steve Green Palladian Press Limited, Member since July 2008. ID.3964/1240

Supporting local businesses is a priority for me and how much better can it get when local businesses actively encourage support by providing attractive incentives to spend money locally. Being introduced to Smartercard last year has certainly raised the profile of its contributors and makes me look at the book before deciding where to eat. It doesn't take long to recover the initial outlay and then savings of 50% really help when the bill arrives, a worthwhile investment when perhaps we are all being a little more careful.

Stephen Beresky Primary Care Trust 2 Mar 2011

Affiliate Support Colchester



We offer to visit you in person at your premises. During our meeting we aim to provide you with all the knowledge and tools to ensure the smooth running and success of your promotion. This includes:

  • How to redeem vouchers and provide staff training.
  • Set up online accounts, passwords and demonstration.
  • Using your admin to view reports etc.
  • Create your personal membership and how it works.
  • Demonstrate how to offer your staff membership
  • Discuss other marketing opportunities.

We appreciate time is a precious commodity and this meeting is designed around a 30 minute visit allowing for questions.



We appreciate the special efforts made by your staff to make welcome our members and hospitality they show them. As a thank you staff are encouraged to take advantage of our free membership. They will receive all benefits of a standard membership less any promotions that relate to their employer. The process is simple as 3 steps:

  1. Download and print the staff form.staffdownloadbutton.png
  2. Distribute and have staff complete.
  3. Approve their application and post forms.

Membership is a benefit staff and their families will enjoy with savings highly valued. This offer is exclusively available to affiliated businesses. 




Using your preferred device including laptop, smartphone or ipad.

  1. Visit http://www.smartercard.co.uk/affiliates/mobile
  2. Add a shortcut to your home screen on either your smartphone or ipad.
  3. Use this shortcut to easily access our affiliate portal anytime.
  4. Log in (Your device will offer to save log in details to make it quicker and easier to use in the future).
  5. Redeeming a voucher is childsplay simply add the information and press the tabs.

Once you submit a voucher ( a process that takes seconds) our systems will: -

  • Add this transaction to your management account.
  • Add this transaction to the members account.
  • Automatically email the customer to thank their support.
  • Request a five star review.


Your reviews will be displayed on your webpage hosted with SmarterCard.

Reviews are a proven way of influencing members to visit you for their first time. Additionally, visitors to our website are also influence to visit your both your website and premises and of course non-members do not have vouchers and therefore pay normal menu prices.