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2 hours of boating fun - just £14 with SmarterCard at Alton Water

2 Hours of boating fun for just £14 with SmarterCard

Alton Water rowing boat for up to four just £14Alton Water is a well-known beauty spot and reservoir near Colchester that’s particularly popular with water sports enthusiasts and families of all ages. The reservoir is the largest in Suffolk and has a perimeter of more than 8 miles – that’s a lot of space to splash about and have a good time! The site beat 19 other contenders to become the area’s flagship reservoir and finally opened in 1987 following 13 years of construction work. The site is an ideal location for activities including sailing, watersports, fishing and birdwatching. It is also the home of the Great East Swim. The reservoir is overlooked by idyllic countryside and stretches out for 400 acres. There are multiple walking trails and nature walks to enjoy as well as an eight-mile cycling track, with the site also being home to a cafe.

Save 62% on rowing boat hire at Alton Water with SmarterCard

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