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What Our Members Are Saying

I have always enjoyed using my Smarter Card Vouchers - the savings are huge - I wouldnt be without mine as the variety of offers are endless.

Mrs. Trudy Simmons Billericay, Member since Nov 2010 ID:3964/6080

Saving with my SmarterCard is easy and we have saved hundreds of pounds dining at popular local restaurants. I happily recommend SmarterCard to anyone that dines out occasionally especially as you can use your vouchers during the weekend.

Susan Low Billericay. Member since Sept 08 ID.3964/7300

We have been members of SmarterCard for more than 5 years now and enjoy the discounts we get as we eat out 2 or 3 times a month with our friends. We normally recoup the cost of the book in the first 2 months.Well worth having.

Michael Kemp Billericay, Member since Aug 2008 ID:3964/7070

I have been a SmarterCard member since the scheme began, and would recommend it to everyone who likes going out in the local area. It gives you the option of trying new venues without having to break the bank. If you find a particular favourite you have plenty of vouchers for return visits, and if you recommend it to your friends you both save money. I'm looking forward to seeing the new book and which new places we can try!

Lizz Brown Billericay, Member since Nov 2009 ID:3964/7420

I have been a member of Smarter Card for the last three years and intend to remain a member for the foreseeable future. I have found the card to be excellent value and it has paid for itself several times over . I have never had a problem with the restaurants and organisations who accept this discount card and would strongly recommend its purchase.

Neil Peacock Married, Billericay, Member since Sept/2010 ID. 3964/0220

We have used the card many times throughout the year to enjoy money off meals out. I love the fact that my daughters are able to use my card and enjoy the benefits too.

Janet Smith Billericay, Member since May 2009 ID:3964/1170

I can't believe my voucher worked on Saturday night - wow it really works. I am happily recommending SmarterCard to all my friends.

Alison Brookes Single, Legal Secretary, Horkesley. Member since. Dec 2010 ID.3964/4520

I was very skeptical at first, but all my reservations were unfounded, often find myself surprised at how easy my SmarterCard is to use and flexible especially at weekends. Special thank you to my sister Julie for recommending I join.

Diane Pretty Married, GP, 2 Children, Horndon-on-the-Hill. Member since, Oct 2010 ID.3964/9780

I first learned about SmarterCard from a friend about two years ago but didn’t join at the time. I’ve been a member since April and wished I joined sooner.

Katie Connelly Married, 2 Children, Florist, Colchester. Member since Apr 2010 ID.3964/4480

Without SmarterCard we simply couldn’t afford to do the kinds of things the family enjoy as often. We save hundreds each year.

Miranda Henny Housewife, 3 Children, Travel Agent, Billericay. Member since, Jul 2007 ID.3964/2740

Sales advisor was very professional and not pushy. SmarterCard's customer services have always been very helpful. A great service.

Deborah Abbott Married, 2 Children, Nurse, Stanway. Member since, Jan 2007 ID.3964/6400